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Like anyone reading this email, I woke up this morning, horrified, to roll over and read the headline that flashed across my phone - another mass shooting had occurred overnight.  Together with the  incident from Saturday morning, our nation was grieving the deaths of nearly 30 individuals with dozens more suffering grave injuries.  As I began my morning yoga practice, I attempted to return to the present, but as you know, this isn't the type of news that easily fades into memory.  I was feeling overcome with sadness that such senseless violence taints our society, and like many people, trying to sort through the many other emotions that  overwhelm us as we process such evil acts.

As I started into my day, making apricot jam, I thought to myself that in these troubling times, it is comforting to know there is serenity to be found in the sanctuary of the garden.  Nature is honest, pure, and authentic.  And, the community that supports this garden is grateful, loving, and  nurturing.  There is so much grace to be found in the garden - all sorts of blessings bestowed upon us and given freely.  This week, the flowers are bursting!  Dahlias, snapdragons, asters, ageratum, scabiosa, calendula, sunflowers, you name it...they are stunning.  Their delicate elegance is tantalizing and makes me smile every time I'm near them.  The Diamond eggplant with their shimmering black skins and the Ping Tung Asian eggplant with their slender, orchid colored bodies are dripping on plants that you would never know had nearly been decimated by hail a month and a half ago.  The heirloom corn is for the most part once again standing tall like tassled beacons in the field.  The hoophouse tomatoes that I ate at lunch had a rich, smokey, sweet flavor that was better than I've ever tasted.  The summer squash are no longer being bothered by the thrips and squash bugs that I was hand-picking daily, but are lush and deep green.  The newly seeded daikon, cilantro, carrots, and hakurei turnips are triumphing with these soft rains we've had as of late and are promising to be a beautiful fall crop.   We are blessed to call this haven home.

This week, we have lots of new offerings!  HEIRLOOM AND RED TOMATOES ARE HERE! As are Joe E Parker Hatch style chilies (mild in heat), Yukon Gem potatoes, lots of eggplant, Violet Sparkle peppers, my favorite Dragon Tongue beans mixed with a few Royal Burgundy and Golden Wax, and BEAUTIFUL garden bouquets.  This is the time to eat like kings and queens, feast on what the harvest has to offer!

  With this, we wish you all a lovely week ahead.  Due to the Ridgway Rendezvous, our market day will be changed to Thursday for this week only.  For this reason, we will be harvesting on Wednesday, so please have orders in by Tuesday at 8:00 p.m.  Thank you for your tremendous support of our farm and local, organic agriculture. 

In gratitude, Melissa & Cale 

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