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For those of you who follow us on social media, you’ll know that I often tag posts with the hashtag “#farmlifebestlife”.  I honestly believe that we’re living the best life we can, and this past weekend was a sweet little reminder of this.  For a long time, I worked in the hospitality industry which meant that I worked all the holidays, all the weekends, and all the times that special life events were being celebrated.  Granted that farming does not allow us to get away for extended summer vacations, that’s okay.  It allows us the freedom and flexibility to escape, albeit briefly, for milestone events which is exactly what I did this past weekend for my mom’s retirement.  Seeing that surprised look on my mom’s face as I arrived to pick her up from her last day of work was priceless as was the experience of spending the day with my three and five year old nephews at my dad’s farm on Saturday.  It was the first time that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing spring on the farm through the eyes of preschoolers.  Together the three of us had an absolute hoot together - we skipped rocks across an eddy in the creek, talked about how garlic grows, watched a baby snake, played on the tree swing, made necklaces out of dandelions and other flowering weeds, drove my dad's John Deere, and harvested asparagus.  I couldn’t imagine a more perfect day as an auntie.  To see Mother Nature working her magic through the innocent and curious eyes of these boys was life at it’s best.  The way they marveled at things filled my heart with gratitude that we all have this gift at our fingertips if we so choose to slow down enough to observe it and enjoy it.  I can honestly say with more conviction than ever that farm life is the best life.  

Back here at the farm, Cale was a busy guy keeping all of our seedlings, starts, and plants well-watered and healthy.  The apricot blossoms survived the low temperatures last week, and we are beginning to grow hopeful that we might actually get a crop this year.  Our second succession of peas is coming in, and the potatoes went in the ground today, seven varieties in total.  Cale follows behind where I plant and has been hooking up our drip irrigation system.  We will lay close to two miles of this 8 mil thick plastic before all is said and done this spring.  Over the course of the rest of the week, we'll continue seeding and transplanting into the field, and we should have between 1/3 and 1/2 of our field planted by the end of next week.  

From the garden this week, it is the week of spinach and radishes - we have an abundance of both!  We have a beautiful new bed of salad greens we'll be picking off of and some very tender pea tendrils.  We also have more limited amounts of spicy greens, arugula, and head lettuces.  The baby carrots are mostly of the cosmic purple variety, and we think they are as delicious as they are beautiful.  We have succulent bagged swiss chard, and a good supply of eggs so colorful you won't need to dye them for the Easter holiday :)  As we are transitioning our hoop houses to summer plantings and crops and waiting for field crops to come in, our availability likely will become more limited over the next couple of weeks.

And with this, we wish each of you a wonderful week ahead and a very happy Easter!  Thank you for your support of our farm and local, organic, agriculture!  It is our great privilege and honor to be growing food for you.  

In gratitude, Melissa & Cale 

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