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Subtle body energy is immeasurable.  There is no scientific evidence to back it.  No research to validate it.  But, all of this aside, it is something that we all have experienced.  It is what gives you butterflies in your stomach before that major public speaking engagement.  It is what made your heart feel the physical sensation of hurt when you've experienced loss.  And, it is what makes you lose your appetite and float around in pure bliss without any real sustenance or nourishment to support you when you fall in love.  They are physical phenomena that cannot be explained by a Western medical doctor.   Recently, I have been devoting a fair amount of time to studying the chakra system, one of these subtle body energy fields in our physical body.  And, while some of this may seem a bit "woo" for you, I will strongly argue that there is at least a morsel of reality to it.  The root chakra, or muladhara, is the first chakra and located at the base of our spine.  Without it being in balance, we feel unstable, ungrounded, insecure.  This past week, with sunny skies and temperature spikes, I spent a great deal of time outdoors nurturing this root chakra of mine.  The winter "blahs" had fully sunk in here.  I was anxious, unsettled, and a bit "left of center", as a friend of mine says.  There is something about having your hands in the soil, dirt underneath your fingernails, your feet upon the earth, the sun kissing your skin and generating heat through your body like a solar panel on a roof, that is elemental and grounding, so natural and steadying.  This, I achieved, this week.  I took mindful walks with the dogs in which the air was so silent that it was no longer silent when you listened closely.  I could hear the wind sweep through the dried grasses and whistle through the junipers.  The birds swooped so low over me that I could hear each movement of their wings meet the resistance of the air around them.  And, the Mesa.  Oh, the Mesa.  It stood there blanketed in snow white with expansive, sapphire blue skies poised in stark contrast just above it.  The walks were meditative, the work in the hoophouses was rejuvenating, watching our first tomatoes and other seeds start to germinate was hopeful, and it left me more rooted than ever, ready to make this Spring forward. In other news on the farm, Cale finished our greenhouse so be ready for lots of plant and flower starts for your home gardens starting in April, and I made a trip to Sisson's yesterday ready to get just a couple of chicks, enough to replenish what we lost over the year, and ended up leaving with a dozen - Whiting Blues, Whiting Greens, Wyandottes, Blue Andalusians, Belafeder, Anconas, and, my favorite, the Welsummers.  I was down to just one Welsummer in our flock, whom I affectionately call Big Red, and she is almost as personable as our dogs.  She begs to be held, she finds it fun to break into our hoophouse just for the sake of being chased as she really doesn't eat anything when she's in there, and she lays the most gorgeous copper colored eggs almost daily, even at three years of age.  If all goes well and the fox doesn't make a return, we will have a very colorful new set of eggs being laid here come mid-July.  This week, our availability is somewhat limited, but we should have more new beds coming in next week.  We have gorgeous spicy greens, a small bit of salad greens, overwintered spinach, cilantro, chard, and a braising mix.  The braising mix is our fully grown spicy greens mix, and while it may be a bit large for salads for some folks, it is fantastically spicy and flavorful to saute with or steam or put in soups.  Some of the greens in this mix are flowering - do not be afraid of this!  Flowering greens are not only edible, but they are extremely flavorful and good for you.  The store opens at 6 p.m. tonight and will close on Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. or when products have sold out. With this, we wish you all a wonderful week ahead.  Happy International Women's Day to all of your strong, lovely women out there.  Be well, enjoy the abundant sunshine, and, as always, thank you for your continued support of our farm and local, organic agriculture.

In gratitude, Melissa & Cale

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