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I'm not much of a shopper, at least I like to think; however, there are a couple of allowances that I give myself to this rule - seeds (which as you already know, I spend months pouring over catalogs and putting together orders) and chicks.  I absolutely love being  a chicken mama.  And, this time of year, even when I tell myself that I don't really NEED more chickens, I can't help myself.  I walk into Sisson's, Murdochs, or Tractor Supply, hear their sweet little chirping voices, and I flock to them [no pun intended :)] like a young mother to a crying baby.  Hatching babies here with a broody hen is fun, too, but then we run the risk of hatching roosters (and, to the eye, you cannot determine the sex of the birds until they're big and you're already attached).  Also, birds born here on the farm do not like to be handled by humans.  Mother Nature works her magic, and the Mama Hen raises these babies without any help from me.  I have to admit that I love the act of nurturing them, caretaking for them, and treating them like the tender babies that they are.  These birds grow up and are the ones that let me hold them as adults, they like to be petted, and sometimes I even think they understand me when I'm talking to them.  All of our chickens add so much character to our farm.  They're free entertainment, they provide amazingly delicious and nutritious eggs, and needless to say, we came home with eight new chicks on Saturday - Whiting Blues, Whiting Greens, and Salmon Fauverelles - who have taken up residence under a heat lamp in our house.

With the Spring solstice, the busy season has arrived in the garden!  Yesterday, we officially crossed the mark of having 12 hours of daylight matched with 12 hours of darkness each day.  The list of projects and things to do continues to get longer, and we are thankful to have the extra sunlight to get all of these things accomplished that no matter how well you plan, have to be done NOW.  Today, we worked in the field - cleaning up, trying out our new tiller, and prepping beds.  If all goes as planned, we'll be seeding peas, Hakurei turnips, spicy greens, arugula, and Giant of Sicily radishes on Wednesday, which coincidentally is the same date that I planted them last year.  All of the concerns I had about the field drying out and getting things planted on time was completely unnecessary.  Some how, some way, things always work out as they should.  This is a good lesson for me to just trust the process.

In other news, over the weekend, we did our drawing for the flower share for all of those who signed up for our summer CSA before March 15.  We are very excited to announce that Robbie is our winner!!  A huge thanks from us to all of you who signed up early!!  Also, as we are gearing up for our busy season, we continue to try and spread the word about our farm.  In addition to our CSA, we will continue to sell through our online market this summer, and we'd love some help growing our email list.  This said, anyone that can provide us with four new email addresses from friends, neighbors, relatives, etc. (with their permission, please), we will give a 10% off coupon to be used on a future order with us.  Thank you so much to all of you who have helped us already!  It certainly does take a village :) 

From the garden, this is a fantastic week for greens!  We have an abundance of especially gorgeous salad greens.  For this reason, we are offering a special on them - buy two bags for $7.  This is $1 off each bag's normal price, and you will find a separate button on the online store for this sale.  Spinach is peaking right now also.  It is cool weather loving and adores this Spring weather.  We also have baby chard, baby kale, spicy greens mix, and pea shoots - more head lettuces should be coming next week.  We still have lots of overwintered baby and storage size carrots.  The larger storage sized ones were incredible with our corned beef yesterday.  They are perfect for stocks, soups, and stews.  And, we do still have some spaghetti squash, dried tomatoes, and dried chilies remaining as well.

And with this, we wish each of you a wonderful week ahead.  Thank you for your support of our farm and local, organic, agriculture.  It is our great privilege and honor to be growing food for you.  

In gratitude, Melissa & Cale 

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