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Metta is a Buddhist term that means "loving-kindness".  It is more than just a feeling, however.  It is a mental state or an attitude of goodwill, affection, care, fellowship, and love for one another.  It is cultivated over time.  It is a practice.  It is the exhibition of warmth and the extension of service to fellow human beings regardless of color, creed, gender, or sexual orientation.  It is selfless.  We have entered into uncertain times, without a doubt.  What once seemed very far away, COVID-19, is now in our backyard.  But over these last few days instead of witnessing the chaos and pandemonium that very well could have taken hold, I was embraced by compassion and metta wherever I went and by whomever I interacted with - in face to face interactions at the grocery store and with customers at the farm stand, in text exchanges with neighbors and acquaintances, in email correspondence with board members, in video conference with members of another organization, in phone calls with family and friends.  We are all navigating how to best approach this challenge.  While this virus has certainly revealed the fragility of our world, it has also exposed the beautiful, compassionate, altruistic, good nature of mankind.  What a week it has been. And here on the farm, the show goes on.  We have seeded our first crops in the field - various greens and early root vegetables - and, as is tradition, will seed our first succession of peas on Saint Patrick's Day.  Carrots, too, will be sowed then.  Our garlic is a couple of inches tall now  (photo above), our perennial herbs in the field - parsley, sorrel, and chives- are greening up, displaying their remarkable resilience, and the strawberries have rebounded from their winter dormancy as well.  My to-do list of field tasks is growing exponentially as is typical this time of year.  This week in the greenhouse, I will seed our flowers and will likely start to transplant our kale and cabbage starts into larger 2-inch pots.  Several varieties of organic bareroot strawberries are on their way, and these, too, will be potted this week.  This week, business will continue as normal, save for a few minor changes at Saturday morning vegetable pick-up here on the farm.  We have absolutely gorgeous greens - spinach, spicy mix, salad mix, and pea shoots.  And, drum roll please, the first radishes are here and are stunning.  Once again, we are growing the Giant Radish of Sicily which is an heirloom, large, mildly spicy, red, globe-shaped radish.  We also have lots of fragrant cilantro.  Although you may think that summer is the time for cilantro, it actually hates the heat and this is the time to be eating it!  Put it in salads, pastas, and on sandwiches.  It's so flavorful!  The girls are busy laying so we do have a nice supply of their colorful eggs, and don't forget the cornmeal!  This heirloom, colorful cornmeal is so nice to bake savory and sweet dishes with.   As you may imagine, we are being more vigilant than ever regarding food safety practices.  It is always our top priority to provide safe, healthy, and nutritious foods to you, our customers, and this we vow to never compromise.  If you have any specific questions about precautionary measures being taken, please do not hesitate to reach out.  In the meantime, we have decided to once again bag orders in an effort to minimize contact with our products.  We also ask that if you do place an order for pick-up this week that you please wait for assistance in locating your order from the coolers.  During this time, we also ask that if you or anyone in your house is ill that you do NOT come to the farm to pick up.  On a case by case basis for anyone that is immuno-compromised or especially susceptible to COVID-19 for other reasons, we are offering free delivery to your home in Cedaredge where we can deliver to a cooler left on your porch.  More than ever, we sincerely appreciate your business and support during these trying times.  The interdependent nature of our existence is poignantly clear during this period, and we will do everything in our power to provide you with a healthy and safe food source as we weather this storm together as a community.   With this, we wish that you all may be safe, healthy, and at peace where you are.  May you make the best of some slow, down time, and use this as an opportunity to love and support one another.  We thank you for your continued support of our farm and local, organic agriculture.

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