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Last weekend, I attended the first of several weekends of yoga teacher training that I will attend over the next several months.  This meant that I left the house near sunrise and returned in the evening with just enough energy to eat, shower, complete the homework, and make my way to bed.  When I returned to the thriving abundance of life in our grow room on Monday morning, it was beaming with new life!  Similar to a baby, it's amazing how much growth can happen in just a short amount of time.  Since I last wrote, I have seeded all of our brassicas (kale, cabbages, kohlrabi), celery root, and herbs, have potted up bare root rhubarb and horseradish that arrived from our trusted organic source, Peaceful Valley, and have thinned my first round of seedlings which are now revealing their first set of "true leaves".  The onions are all about 3 inches tall at this time (photo above taken last week), and the grow room feels like such a fragile ecosystem all its' own.  It is a refuge where all my worries seem to dissipate when I step in this room, my heart softens, and it opens to the miracle that is new life, albeit plant life.  When I work with the seeds, I tap into a certain level of care, detail, and tenderness that I otherwise didn't know I possessed...honestly.  I do what we jokingly refer to as "grow room yoga" as I twist myself into various knots and binds gingerly climbing onto the shelves to ensure that each little germinated seed is softly watered, but not over-watered.  I thin the starts with the most miniature of scissors that I imagine might otherwise be used only in a very finely detailed surgery.  I precisely drop 1-2 seeds in each of the 98 cells that occupy each of our carefully filled flats.  And I hone a level of patience that I find difficult to achieve in just about any other situation in life.  This is the beauty, and the therapy (haha!), that is farming. Last week I seeded salad greens, kale mix, and spicy greens mix in the hoophouses.  Now, the hoophouses are nearly ready to accommodate our chard and kohlrabi seedlings that were started the first week of February.  This coming week, I will seed our tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant.  Cale is putting the finishing touches on our greenhouse just in time as our current grow room space is filled to capacity.  With the early spring we are experiencing, he will also begin gently tilling a few beds in the field to prep them for seeding peas, carrots, radishes, and other spring crops next week.  Things are moving right along.  While last year at this time, I was praying for the snow to melt so that the soil would be workable by mid-March, this year, I continue to pray that we will have a wet March. This week, we have a beautiful new bed of spicy greens, spinach, baby chard, cilantro, a new bed of salad greens, pea shoots, and cornmeal available.  The store opens at 6 p.m. tonight and will close on Wednesday evening at 6 p.m. or when products have sold out.  This is a Ridgway delivery week.  Please note we will be moving the meeting time up to 10:00 a.m. on Friday at Hartwell Park.   With this, we wish you all a wonderful week ahead.  Start your rain dances, stay healthy out there, and as always, thank you for your continued support of our farm and local, organic agriculture.

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