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It's getting to be that time of the winter season where we are itching to get outside again.  Mother Nature is dropping these subtle cues that she, too, is ready to move on to Spring.  During my afternoon walks, the birds are once again singing their sweet songs, if you listen closely.  We have been seeing majestic eagles soaring overhead and nesting in a cottonwood just beyond our property daily.  The chickens who, like cats, do NOT like walking in snow, have decided that they, too, are tired of being cooped up (haha!! ;) ) and are meagerly tip-toeing out into the snow, beginning to explore again, and laying a few extra eggs a week.  And, the plants, oh the plants.  They are brilliant in their colors, representing almost every color of the rainbow, as is what happens with sub-freezing nights and the more temperate days.  You can just tell that they are happy, less stressed, and growing in noticeable increments once again.  All of this is reminding us that Spring is coming and that rebirth is near.

That's not to say that there's not (hopefully) a lot of winter and snowfall left.  But we are now in the freeze and thaw cycle each night and day.  Our version of mud season seems to be arriving.  Last week all of the onions and shallots were seeded, and this week the leeks, cabbages, kale, and some herbs will be started in flats.  Radishes will be seeded in the hoophouse tomorrow, and we are starting to get impatient at the thought of getting peas in the ground.  This rhythmic ebb and flow, moving to the beat that Mother Nature drums out for us, is one of the reasons we are so madly in love with farming.  Just as our bodies are feeling recovered from a season's worth of work, we, like Mother Nature, are feeling energized and ready to come out of our dormancy.

 This week we have salad greens, spinach, and the first of a bed of gorgeous butter and Romaine head lettuces.  We have strikingly beautiful bright lights baby chard (so delicious lightly sautéed or creamed), there is a small amount of mixed baby scarlet and blue-curled Scotch kales, and limited quantities of tender little pea shoots.  The spaghetti squash are tasting SO good right now.  I roasted one last night and then seared it in the cast iron skillet flavored with a bit of Ethiopian beriberi spice, and it was perfect.  We also have beets, baby carrots, yellow onions, and sunchokes (see recipe below).  And, finally, we do have a limited quantity of eggs available again.  You may notice that we have had to increase the price of our eggs to $5/dozen.  We never make decisions like this easily, but please know and remember that we are committed to feeding our girls certified organic feed and giving them all the love they can tolerate :)

And, with this, we wish each of you a lovely week and a happy Valentine's Day surrounded by all the honeys in your life.  Thank you for your tremendous support of our farm and local, organic agriculture.  It is our great privilege and honor to be growing food for you in this incredible community.  

In gratitude, Melissa & Cale 

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