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"Where has the time gone?", I've thought to myself many times over the course of the last week.  Our 2018 CSA season concluded this past Wednesday, we'll be harvesting from our fields one last time for the year this Friday, and we have moved into the final two weeks of 2018.  The shortest day of the year is nearly upon us, and the period of darkness is here filling us with anticipation for the birth of the new dawn.  Despite not having any precipitation for the past week, the days have remained cold and when I walk the dogs in the afternoon the snow continues to lie like a quilt and ripple across the neighbor's furrowed fields, the deer dot the landscape and silently hurdle the fences so gracefully it's as though they have a springboard to guide them, and I sometimes feel like I'm staring at the photographed scene from John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas album that we spun on my parents' record player repeatedly this time of year growing up.  The silence and peace is unparalleled, and I think to myself that the wonder and awe of the season is certainly not just for children, but is all of ours if we slow down enough to recognize and then embrace it.

This time of year, all elements in our natural world seem to be so delicate, so tender, so precious.  There is a fragility that is omnipresent.  Even indoors, it is a cerebral time for me as I continue to bounce around in my menagerie of spreadsheets planning for the next season, and Cale works solemnly and quietly as he is building new doors on our hoophouse.  We continue to listen to the sweet sounds the earth has to whisper but that do not have words.  It is a time when tranquility and grace pervade our lives and our farm.  During these wintry moments of stillness, we are able to exhale and recharge.

As mentioned, we will not be harvesting next week, so this will be our final harvest for 2018!  Wow!  This week, we have limited amounts of gorgeous salad greens, spinach, baby chard, baby kale, and tatsoi available.  We have an abundance of amazing pea shoots, which if you haven't tried, you should!  We have lots of storage onions, carrots, beets, sunchokes, and winter much beautiful bounty!  Please have any order in by Thursday evening for Saturday pick-up at the farm.  Also, please note that when ordering online, you will receive a confirmation email.  If you do not receive this, please send us an email so that we can help process your order. And, with this, we wish that each of you have holidays filled with peace, joy, love, and the magic of the season.  Thank you for your continued support of our farm and local, organic agriculture.  It is our privilege and honor to be growing food for you, our Cedaredge community. 

In gratitude, Melissa & Cale

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