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Today marks our official entrance into the period known as the Persephone Period, a time of darkness.  Starting today, our daylight hours will number less than ten per day.  I read somewhere that during this time hoophouses and other season extending growing structures double as large refrigerators during this time - provided the temperatures do not become damagingly cold, the plants will more or less just sit idle in the ground from this time until when the daylight hours once again number more than ten per day, sometime in mid-January.  I appreciate this image and find it to be pretty darn accurate.  In spite of unseasonably warm temperatures, the plants are not growing much, if any, and we begin the wait for Spring.

We have had a busier fall through our online store than we could have imagined.  For this, thank you so much!  We are absolutely humbled.  I spent the evening on Friday catching Cale up on stories and updates from all of our Ridgway and Montrose customers that I saw that day, and then had meaningful, honest conversations with just about every customer that picked up here at the farm on Saturday.  This sense of community is profound and heart-warming.  I love hearing about your travels over the holiday, how family members are doing, discussing recipes and sharing kitchen tips, and really getting to know everyone on a very personal level.  This is what I dreamt of when I had this crazy farm idea and what keeps me motivated to grow next season.  In this time of gratitude, I offer many thanks to you for this invitation to your table by using our food and connecting with our farm.  

Having a busy fall also means that, given our limited size and cold-weather growing space, we have nearly sold out for the season.  More salad greens, head lettuces, leafy greens, spicy greens, radishes, and turnips are on their way, but are slow maturing.  For this week, we have limited quantities of many items, so if interested, please order early for the best selection.  We will be taking next week off for the Thanksgiving holiday and will resume our online market with whatever we may have available the following week.  For this week, given our limited availability, the $5 delivery fee to Ridgway (and Montrose) customers is waived.    

As we prepare for moisture and hopefully some snow to arrive this coming week, we have all the drip tape pulled and the field is, more or less, in the condition that it will rest for the winter.  This past week, I put up our final tomatoes that were picked green and ripened in a cool back bedroom (photo above), dug up the dahlia bulbs, and started seed shopping as emails from seed stores flood my inbox and because, yes, of course, I happen to love obsessing over seeds - those tiny, powerful sources of life.

With this, we wish you all a lovely week ahead.  There will be no newsletter next week, so we wish you all a warm and happy Thanksgiving that leaves your tummies and hearts full of gratitude and blessings.  Thank you for your continued support of our farm and local, organic agriculture.  

In gratitude, Melissa & Cale 

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