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By all accounts, we are in for a doozy of an arctic blast here over the next few days.  In an effort to beat the storm, Cale and I spent an unusual Sunday working in the field, harvesting everything we could before the temperature nose dives into the single digits.  While the optimist in me likes to think that greens, tender root crops, and hardy alliums have a chance at survival under row cover in the field, the realist in me yesterday finally surrendered and decided it was time to pull what we could and cut our losses.  As Cale said, even the crops in the hoophouses are going to struggle with such a long, sustained freeze this week.  Fortunate for us, root crops store very well and will be just fine for several weeks when stored properly.

This week, we planted Montana Giant, Leningrad, and Chesnook varieties of hard-neck garlic - all saved from what we grew this year.  We put aside the largest and seemingly healthiest of our crop to become seed garlic.  Two new varieties that were ordered made their late arrival on Friday and will go in the ground once it's warm enough for my hands to work in the soil next week.  The planted garlic is nestled under several inches of straw now and will overwinter before (hopefully) emerging as one of our first crops of spring.  In the hoophouses, although I regretted being behind on seeding, I am thankful now that timing worked out as it did - everything that was seeded almost two weeks ago is small and infantile and, because of this, will have a better likelihood of surviving the long duration of these subfreezing temperatures than they would had they been more mature.

All of this said, this is a great week to stock up on veggies!  We have an abundance of delicious roots - stunning hakurei turnips, amazingly sweet, storage-sized carrots, tender kohlrabi, earthy sunchokes, and the last of the radishes for awhile.  Pea shoots are back this week!  These are loaded with nutrition and make a fantastic side salad.  This week we also have dried San Marzano tomatoes which make an excellent sundried tomato pesto or are delicious rehydrated and put on pizza.  In this week's CSA share will be incredible spicy greens - tender, dark, succulent, and super flavorful!  To see what else is in this week's CSA share, click on "Read More" on the CSA icon on our online store.  Remember, the share is listed at 10% off of retail prices.  And, finally, this is a Ridgway delivery week.  Yay!  Please scroll down to bottom of newsletter for Ridgway delivery details.

Ridgway Delivery Dates: 

There will be a $5 delivery fee added to all orders made by Ridgway customers.  If you live or work in town, we are happy to deliver to your home or business (just leave a cooler out even if you're not home!); if not, we will meet others who order in the east parking lot of Hartwell Park at noon.  Please call or email with any questions!  We look forward to seeing you!

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