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And just like that we've broken out of the period of darkness.  Our daylight hours are increasing by at least two minutes daily, and our persephone period which lasts here from Thanksgiving to Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, roughly, is behind us for this season.  It's amazing how the plants can sense this, or maybe it's more of a mental shift for us farmers, but they seem to be growing faster, and from here we begin the very steady but noticeable incline (think 1-2% grade on your treadmill) until we reach the peak of our season.  Yesterday I seeded our first head lettuces and other leafy greens that will be transplanted into the hoophouse in about 4 weeks, and Cale continues to work on projects that we will not have time to complete once the season is in full swing, but that are necessary improvements to make our lives easier and our backs a bit less sore come high summer.

It's been an energizing few days, feeling this momentum into our season starting to build.  The timing could not have been more perfect to have the experience of hearing iconic farmer Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms speak at the Western Colorado Food & Farm Forum as I did on Saturday.  I left there that night filled with inspiration, encouragement, and passionate tears of excitement!  Joel spoke about current food trends in America and finding team players and participants, aka customers, for your farm.  Being able to farm is a precious gift but finding that perfect "dinner dance partner" that he spoke of - you, our teammates - is like receiving a hand made gift, something so loved and appreciated that you hold very dear to your heart.  We are hopeful that our relationship with our farm supporters and customers is synergistic - we are all the better for cultivating relationships with those who eat our food and listening to likes, dislikes, favorites, wants, etc., while our wish is that you are healthier, more informed, and more connected to the faces and place that grows your food.  Some days we just can't fathom what we did to be so lucky to have landed here and do what we do, but for now we will relish in the excitement of being a part of this local food trajectory that we get to experience with you all.   

With this in mind, we have been thinking lots about our summer CSA!  We love this connection to the community that CSA affords us. So, with this said, we are going to be giving away a free flower share!  Anyone who signs up (and secures membership with 50% down payment) by March 15 will have their name entered to win.  If you sign up for a half share, you will receive a half flower share, if you sign up for a full share, you will receive a full flower share.  Who doesn't want fresh cut flowers all summer?!?  We are committed to providing the highest quality, most nutritious produce for the community and would absolutely love to be your farmers this summer.  

For this week we will have gorgeous salad greens, succulent spinach, brilliantly colored rainbow baby chard, and lovely heads of tatsoi available - some in more limited quantities than others.  We have tender pea shoots, lots of storage onions, carrots, and beets.  And sunchokes!  If you haven't tried these tubers also known as Jerusalem artichokes, you've been missing out!  We still have lots of tasty spaghetti squash and the last of our red kuri and Pikes Peak winter squash are tasting delicious as well.  This week we are also offering dried San Marzano tomatoes from this past summer's garden, a new type of heirloom cornmeal ground from Oaxacan green corn, and dried Hatch style chilies (mix of mild, medium, and hot).  Please have any order in by Thursday evening for Saturday pick-up at the farm.

****Also, please note that when ordering online, you will receive a confirmation email.  If you do not receive this, we did not receive your order!!  Please send us an email so that we can help process your order.****

To order, please visit:  And, with this, we wish each of you a wonderful week!  Thank you for your continued support of our farm and local, organic agriculture.  It is our privilege and honor to be growing food for you. 

In gratitude, Melissa & Cale

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