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Good morning, Farm Friends, has been so cold out there.  I will say though that with snow on the ground and the continuous stream of storms that have been sitting on the Mesa, the thought of having ample water next summer makes these frigid temperatures much more tolerable.  With these cold temperatures and continually short days (we are still in the throngs of the Persephone period), it is a good time to stay cozy and dig deep internally, nourish our minds, bodies, and spirits before the busyness of the season is upon us.  Cale continues to meditatively work his pottery wheel creating truly beautiful pieces.  Although he has not practiced in years, his degree is in art, and he glowingly reports that the skill comes back to him like riding a bike.  As for me, I have been busy completing an online ayurveda class, doing my best to master crow pose and a free-standing head stand, attending Ridgway Farmer's Market board meetings, and training (via Zoom) this week with ladies from across the globe for a new volunteer position that I am assuming with a group that I support strongly.  We are both feeing fulfilled on many levels.

On the farm, with these cold temperatures, not much is happening.  Together we were able to get the double layer of plastic over our new "greenhouse" which will be an inflatable system once we get starts going.  We've ordered our heater to maintain proper growing temperatures which should be arriving this week and ready for action once the seedlings start popping.  We are thrilled by this upgrade as not only had we WAY outgrown our other grow room space, but this will also allow us to grow extra starts on top of what we need for our farm so we'll have organic plants available for sale this spring for home gardeners as well as hanging flower baskets.  This is our "big" project for this off-season that we identified as our greatest need to make our lives easier and more efficient.  Other than this, most of our seeds have arrived so I will be cataloging these in the coming weeks, and also will be busy at work on our Food Safety Plan which is becoming ever more important with new government regulations and as we hope to grow our wholesale side of the business this year.

Unfortunately, we do not have any veggies available for purchase this week.  Mature greens do not tolerate these sustained sub-freezing temperatures nearly as well as baby, growing greens so by tomorrow we will have harvested everything in our hoophouses that is "ready", for online sales over the past weekend and wholesale this week ahead.  I will be traveling back to Missouri this coming week, and the following week is the Western Colorado Food and Farm Forum which is an incredible learning opportunity with this year's theme being Synergy of the Soil: Growing Healthy Food, perfect for us. This means that there will be no newsletter next week, but that we will be doing our next harvest the week of January 27 with delivery to Ridgway on Friday, January 31.  There have been many great questions about the CSA.  For anyone interested, information and the membership form is on our website, and we continue to welcome any and all questions.

With this, we wish you all a wonderful week ahead.  Stay warm, and as always, thank you for your continued support of our farm and local, organic agriculture.

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