CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) is based on the principle of connecting people to their food source.  It is a relatively recent phenomenon here in the United States, but dates back to the mid-1960s in Japan when a group of women concerned with the use of pesticides and an increase in processed and imported foods started the first “teikei” which translates to “food with the farmer’s face”.  Around this same time in Holland and Switzerland, a similar model was formed with the idea of social and economic interdependence.  In 1984, the first CSA was formed in Massachusetts.  

As a CSA member, you purchase a share in our farm that supplies us with much needed working capital to pay for labor and to buy seeds, equipment, and other infrastructure items at “off-peak” times of year when expenses are high and income is low.  In return, we supply you with a diverse array of organically grown, nutritious, and delicious veggies.  It is an incredible opportunity to visit the farm and get to know your farmer, try new vegetables, and build community.  

Market Share CSA 2020:
This year, we are excited to be changing our CSA program, hoping to make it a more dynamic, flexible, and convenient option for more of you!  This year, instead of receiving a set CSA "box/share", customers will have the freedom to order as much or as little of what they want and only on the dates that they choose.  Members will have a produce account with Ultreia Farmstead and any purchases, either online or at farmer's market, will be deducted from their balance.  Given this change, this will now be the ONLY way to purchase produce, eggs, or flowers DIRECTLY from our farm in Cedaredge between the dates of May 22, 2020 - October 9, 2020 (Ridgway Farmer's Market dates).  Business will continue as normal at the Ridgway Farmer's Market.  During this time frame, members will be the only ones to receive our weekly newsletter which will include recipes, cooking tips, farm updates, etc.  

This time of year is critical for us, and your support is greatly appreciated!  Your membership purchase supplies us with much needed capital to pay for labor and to buy seeds, equipment, and other infrastructure items at "off-peak" times of year when expenses are high and income is low.   As a token of our appreciation, a 10% credit will be given to members who purchase their share (in full) before April 1.  Meaning, if you purchase a $150 share, you will receive an additional $15 credit on top of this for a total of $165 credit.  (Payment plans are available; please see below.)  

Please note that we have a cap on the amount of shares that can be sold.  Also, business will continue as normal with our online store until the week of May 22 and after the week of October 9.


Download CSA agreement here


CSA Q & A:

How much does a share cost?  

Shares are available for $150 (sold out), $300, and $450.

How do I place my order?

Orders can be made online between Wednesday at 6 p.m. and Sunday at 6 p.m.  This is first come, first serve, so the greatest selection will be available when the store opens, especially at off-peak times of year.

When is pick up?

Pick up will be every Tuesday from 3:30-6:30.  Please note, there will be NO Saturday pick-up between the dates of May 22 - October 9.

What should I expect at pick-up?

This year, we are doing away with our plastic shopping bags.  Greens and other select vegetables will still be in our biodegradable, compostable bags that we currently use, but your order will be picked up "farmer's market style".  This means that upon arrival to the farm, you will receive a list with your ordered items on it.  You will then gather from the tables your pre-ordered items and place them in your own bag.  WE WILL NOT HAVE PLASTIC BAGS AVAILABLE.

What happens if I forget to pick up?

On your CSA contract, you will be asked what your preferred method of contact is: email, text, or phone call.  If you forget to pick up, we will reach out to you once by your identified method of communication.  Pick up for forgotten orders will be on Wednesday mornings from 9-12 (orders will be bagged and available in a cooler).  If the order is not picked up, this total amount spent will still be deducted from your account balance.

What happens if I run out of credit on my account?  

You can always add more money to your account!  If payment is received after April 1, the 10% credit will not be given, however.

What happens if I have credit left on October 9?

If you have credit left on October 9, we will make a food donation to a charity in the amount that is left in credit.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes!!  We very much want this to be an inclusive market share program that anyone and everyone can afford!  We ask for 50% down at the time your contract is received.  Then, the remainder is due by May 15.

What happens if there is crop failure due to environmental circumstances or weather disaster?

As is the case with more traditional CSAs, you assume the risk of the farm by becoming a member of our CSA.  Should there be crop failure or disastrous weather, we unfortunately are not liable to refund your shares.

Flower CSA

Once again we will be offering flower shares this summer.  This will be an 8-week long CSA, likely starting the last week of July and finishing the third week of September.  Dates for the flower CSA are not set in stone, however, as it is dependent on the growing season.  The 8-week share will cost $72 ($9/bouquet) which reflects a $1 discount from what price bouquets will be listed for online.  

As it has worked out, I absolutely LOVE growing flowers!!  This coming summer, we will have many varieties and colors of sunflowers, giant zinnias, Bachelor's buttons, gomphrena, echinacea, sweet peas, scabiosa, dahlias, snapdragons, celosia, salvia, nicotiana, and more growing.  We'd love to brighten your house each week with a bouquet!  

Pick up will be on Tuesdays from 3:30-6:30.