Located at the base of the Grand Mesa in Cedaredge, Colorado, Ultreia Farmstead is a small, Certified Naturally Grown farm that cultivates over 100 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  We rigorously follow organic farming principles and practices and never apply synthetic pesticides or chemical sprays.  We are committed to increasing soil fertility through diversified crop rotation, cover cropping, and amending the soil with organic compost and animal manures.  We use minimal impact approaches in how we tend the soil by using our walk-behind two-wheeled BCS “tractor”, we hand harvest all of our vegetables, and we use a drip irrigation system to water our crops which is an efficient means of minimizing evaporation, providing localized water application to root zones, and making the best use of one of our most precious commodities, water.  Additionally, we use non-GMO, heirloom and organic seeds, and all of our plants are started from seed here at the farm.  The farm is also home to a flock of heritage breed chickens that happily wander the property, producing organic, free-range eggs.  It is our hope that through this commitment to soil health, biodiversity, and being gentle stewards of the land that we can produce nutritious and delicious food while nourishing, cultivating, and growing community. 


Ultreia Farmstead was founded in 2016 and is owned and operated by partners Melissa Newell and Cale Kennedy.  Melissa hails from rural Missouri, and brings with her a background in nutritional sciences, years spent managing a farm-to-table restaurant, and experience from many seasons spent farming in Boulder County, Colorado.  When not in the field, she enjoys cooking, preserving, and fermenting all of the amazing farm veggies, running and cycling, spending time with her dogs, and reading.  Cale is a native Coloradan, and brings with him a background in graphic design, years working as a project manager, and time spent working in Denver’s vertical greenhouse growing scene.  When not tending to plants, he enjoys skiing and fishing. Together the two share a vision of long-term sustainability achieved through responsible and ethical farming, fair and reasonable pricing, and efficient and cost-effective management of our resources.  It is their great honor and heartfelt pleasure to be caretakers for this piece of land and to spread their enthusiasm for growing, cooking, and eating locally here on the Western Slope!